Smart and Sustainable Construction (SSC) Research Group directed by Dr. Changbum R. Ahn focuses on data-driven techniques and smart-sensing technologies for transforming traditional project delivery processes into integrated sustainable practices, including construction workers’ unsafe behavior monitoring using wearable sensing, occupancy sensing and eco-feedback based existing wireless network infrastructure, automated construction resource tracking, and life-cycle assessment of civil infrastructure systems.


April, 2017 Journal paper by Kanghyeok Yang, Changbum R. Ahn, Can Vuran, and Hyunsoo Kim on "Collective Sensing of Workers' Gait Patterns to Identify Fall Hazards in Construction." accepted by Automation in Construction, Elsevier.

April, 2017 Dr. Ahn's research project, Non-intrusive Elderly Smart-home Healthcare System for Monitoring Short-term and Long-term Anomaly in Daily Activity Patterns, is chosen to be funded by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement.

April, 2017 Dr. Ahn's research project, Profiling individual risk perception from continuous behavioral measurement in the construction workplace, is chosen to be funded by UNL Layman's Award.

March, 2017 Dr. Ahn's research project on assessing the built environment was featured in  Channel 8  ABC news.

March, 2017  Nebraska Today (UNL's newspaper) introduced the research project of Dr. Ahn and his collaborator, Dr. Nam, which is entitled "Human-Centric Sensing Platform to Assess Neighborhood Physical Disorder".

March, 2017 Our paper entitled “Identifying Safety Hazards Using Collective Bodily Responses of Workers” is now selected as “Editor’s Choice”  in the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.

January, 2017 Journal paper by Jiayu Chen (former SSC member) and Changbum R. Ahn on "Automated Construction Awkward Posture Recognition through Supervised Motion Tensor Decomposition ." accepted by Automation in Construction, Elsevier.

January, 2017 Mohammad and Dr. Ahn successfully presented their poster in TRB 2017 Conference. Congratulations!

September, 2016 Kanghyeok successfully completed his PhD comprehensive exam and became a PhD candidate. Congratulations!

Sep, 2016 Journal paper by Hyunsoo Kim, Changbum R Ahn, and Kanghyeok Yang on "A People-Centric Sensing Approach to Detecting Sidewalk Defects." accepted by Advanced Engineering Informatics, Elsevier.

Aug, 2016 Dr. Ahn's research project, Human-Centric Sensing Platform to Assess Neighborhood Physical Disorder is chosen to be funded by National Science Foundation, Smart and Connected Community Program.

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