Smart and Sustainable Construction (SSC) Research Group directed by Dr. Changbum R. Ahn focuses on data-driven techniques and smart-sensing technologies for transforming traditional project delivery processes into integrated sustainable practices, including construction workers’ unsafe behavior monitoring using inertial measurement units, occupancy sensing and eco-feedback based existing wireless network infrastructure, automated construction resource tracking, and life-cycle assessment of civil infrastructure systems.


January, 2016 Dr. Ahn's research project, Revealing Hidden Safety Hazards Using Workers' Collective Bodily and Behavioral Response Patterns, is chosen to be funded by National Science Foundation.

December, 2015 Journal paper by Houtan Jebelli, Changbum R Ahn, and Terry L Stentz on "Fall risk analysis of construction workers using inertial measurement units: Validating the usefulness of the postural stability metrics in construction." accepted by Safety Science Journal, Elsevier.

September, 2015 Journal paper by Hamed Nabizadeh Rafsanjani, Changbum R. Ahn, and Mahmoud Alahmad on "A Review of Approaches for Sensing, Understanding, and Improving Occupancy-Related Energy-Use Behaviors in Commercial Buildings" accepted by Energies Journal, MDPI.

August, 2015 Conference paper by Houtan Jebelli, Kanghyeok Yang, Changbum R Ahn, and Terry L Stentz on "Symmetrical and asymmetrical tool belt loading effects on the postural stability of construction workers" accepted.

June, 2015 Journal paper by Houtan Jebelli, Changbum Ahn, and Terry Stentz on "Quantitative Measurement of Construction Workers’ Fall Risk Using Inertial Measurement Units: Validation of Maximum Lyapunov Exponents to Assess the Gait-Stability of Iron Workers" was accepted by ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering.

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